Green Development / Process




  1. Desigh Phase

At the beginning of the project, collaboration of all project stake holders joined the discussion about how to develop environment-friendly.

Originally hilly woodland spread around here.
One day a decision to develop this woodland was made to construct buildings.
What happened to many trees around here?
Those trees were temporarily planted in a different place during construction.
Then the trees were put back when the buildings were completed.

  1. Construction Phase

@   Environmental education to the constructors at the first stage
A   Use of an bicycle to move within the construction site
B   Use of construction machinery that emits less exhaust gas and noise
C   Construction wastes sorting
D   Spreading excavated soil in the site
E   Collecting micro climate data on site by measuring the temperature,
       humidity,earth temperature and rainfall in order to make use of it
F   Use of steel deck instead of rainforest wood for form board
G   Delivery with minimum packing
H   Utilization of harvested rainwater for cleaning, washing cars and flushing
I   Use of energy saving equipments for the on site house

Piping is provided for the future adaptation.

Foundation base is provided on the roof for photovoltaic panels

  1. Preparation for the future