Healing Resort ˘Eco Lodge ShimantoŁ

Pause In Nature

There is a pause in nature
Human cannot add anything to Nature

Waiting Spring Sun, heating haze up the hill and field
In early summer, a pause while waiting breeze over the field
Long night autumn, a pause while waiting late full moon
A pause longing for warm sunlight, is a winter afternoon.

All hope and excitement is in a pause
Waiting rain, in a pause
Waiting sun, in a pause
Promise more satisfactory mind and peace

Nature, its swelling and shaking connect a pause,
And a pause revitalizes heritage and culture,
Nature is passive to any severe weather
And bear fertile fruit
Abandoned materials wake up from long sleep
By compassionate users
And direct new era proudly with blessing in the land

Spirit of pause is a warm heart
Sincere hospitality heals busily tired people
In Nature peace of mind is given healthily
Makes recapture lost sensibility

Eyes see endless view of scenery,
And soak in a natural scent
Ears are enjoyed with pleasant sound
Tongue is thrilled and surprised at rich harvest
When sense of touch run through the body,
Resonant the strings of soul