@Japan Green Building Council

@Japan Green Building Council (JGBC) evolved from Club CIA (Culture In Action 1977-1992) and Club EIA (Environment In Action 1992-1997) which were organized by Takatoshi Ishiguro, the president of PES Kenchiku Kankyo Sekkei. Following the establishment of the U.S. Green Building Council in 1994, JGBC was first founded as a voluntary organization in 1998 and then incorporated as a non-profit organization in 2002.

Japan Green Building Council

@In order to reduce environmental impacts of buildings and achieve "total greening of buildings" by looking at the entire lifeof buildings from planning and construction to operations/management and eventual demolition, Japan Green Building Council was formed with members from various industries on March 26, 1998.
@JGBC's basic concepts are to "share benefits" and to "share actions."
Contact: Japan Green Building Council
Homepage: http://www.jgbc.com


@Past Activities

May, 1997@"The 1st Global Environmental Seminar" (Nagoya/Osaka/Hiroshima)
March, 1998@Inauguration
April, 1998@Kick-Off Seminar (Tokyo/Nagoya)
May, 1998@"The 2nd Global Environmental Seminar" (Nagoya/Osaka/Fukuoka)
March, 1999@1-year Anniversary Seminar (Nagoya)
June, 1999@"The 3rd Global Environmental Seminar" (Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka)
November, 1999@Green Building Study Tour (USA)
November, 1999@Preparatory Meeting for the Establishment of the World Green Building Council (USA)
April, 2000@"Earth Day Festival"
November, 2000@Memorial Seminar & the 1st National Meeting
October, 2000 - March, 2001@Green Inspector Training Program
February, 2002@"The 4th Global Environmental Seminar" (Tokyo/Nagoya)
March, 2002@Incorporated as a Non-Profit Organization
March, 2003@The 2nd National Meeting & Ecolodge Shimanto Tour (Nakamura city, Kochi)
September, 2003 - March, 2005@Green Commissioning of Existing Buildings (5 Facilities)
November, 2004@Exhibition booth at the "Aichi Eco-Tech Fair"
February, 2005@Participation in Germany's "Eco Housing Mission"@
July, 2005@"World Life & Environmental Exchange" (Aichi Expo)
@@@@@@@@@<Aichi Expo> "Memorial Green Seminar" (Nagoya)

April, 1998@Kick-Off Seminar (Tokyo/Nagoya)

Mr.David Gottfried

November, 1999 Green Building Study Tour (USA)



San Francisco

April, 2000@Earth Day Festival

December, 2000 The 1st National Meeting & Memorial Seminar

Mr. Yasuo Torii

Mr.Allen Hershkovitz






March, 2007 Environmental Seminar & International Exchange (Tottori)

May, 2009 10-year Anniversary Event (Nagoya)