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  Facility/Energy/Maintenance   Engineering Design & Supervision
  International Consulting
Green Buildings
  Green Building Guidelines  







Client Project

 Kubota Trane

  Product Catalogue for Building Owners and Executives I, II
 Washington Hotel   Facility Diagnosis and Streamlining of the Maintenance System
  Development of the Technical Operation Standrads
  Proposal for Environmentally Friendly Operations
 Yamaha Corporation   Planning for the Remodeling of the Facilities; Relocation of the Entire Factories
  Risk Management for the Factories (Contingency Planning) 
 Yamaha Motor
  Facility Diagnosis for the Headquaters Building
  Proposal for Energy Saving 
 Yamaha Marine   Medium Term Energy Supply Plan
  Examination & Proposal of the Office Environment; Facility Renovation
Earthquake Resistance Study
 Chubu Electric Power   Case Study for the Air Conditioning System with Ice Thermal Storage System
 Toho Gas   Cogeneration System; Heating/Cooling study for Okazaki Region
 Hiroshima Gas   Cogeneration System Study and Implementation for Hiroshima Royal Washington Hotel


International Consulting
Client Project
 Lehr Associates/
  J.P. Morgan    Bank

  Inspection for the Renovation of the New Yuraku-cho Building

 RKMC/IRI   Investigation of the Gas Turbine Failure at Norwalk Hospital
 Daikin U.S. Corporation   Marketing and Cost Study for the U.S. Market
  VRV Catalogue for the U.S. Market
 TOTO U.S.A   Green Marketing in North America
 Toyota Motor Manufacturing
 North America Inc.

  Green Building Cost Study
 Toyota Motor Manufacturing
 North America Inc.
  Feasibility Study for the U.S. Housing Market



Environmental Consulting
Client Project
Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Chubu Regional Bureau

  Green Technology for Government Buildings

 Nagoya City
  Green Building Guidelines for Public Facilities  
  Facility Examination of Nagoya Central Wholesale Market, Hokubu Market
  for facility renovation and improvement
  Operations Manual for Nagoya Congress Center
 Aichi Prefecture   Guidelines for Environmentally Friendly Public Facilities
  Environmental and Life Lengthening Strategies for Public Facilities
 Nakamura City, Kochi   
  Ecolodge Shimanto
  Ecolodge Shimanto Touch Panel  
  Guidelines for Facility Operation and Maintenance

 JR Shikoku
  Ecolodge Shimanto
  ECOTEL Certification
 Ricoh Engineering
  Research and Proposal for Eco-office implementation
 Ricoh Logistics
  Streamlining of Warehouse Distribution System at Daikoku-cho and


  Design and Consulting for Fukuchiyama EcoHotel
Engineering Design
Client Project
 Nagoya City

  Science Museum, Showa・Naka・Meito・Kita Sports Center,
  Nikko River Park Swimming Pool,
  Shofuso Day Service Center, Nagoyaka House, Tomita Waste Disposal Facility, etc.

 Aich Prefecture   Kariya Public Health Center
  Wastewater Treatment Facility (High School, Housing Complex)
 Ministry of Land, Infrastructure and Transport: Chubu Regional Bureau   Renovation of National Youth House, Toyota Region Joint Government Building,
  Nagara River Service Center
  Nagoya Ministry of Justice Handa Branch, Kariya Region Joint Government Building,    Chubu Regional Bureau Government Building Complex
 Nagoya Defense Facilities Administration Branch   Gifukyoku Hall, Akeno Hall, Akeno Headquarters Building, Moriyama Hall, etc.
 Nakamura City, Kochi   Ecolodge Shimanto, green buildings 
 JR Shikoku   Ecolodge Shimanto, lodging facilities
 Washington Hotel   Hiroshim Royal Washington Hotel
 Yamaha   Headquarters, Toyooka Factory Clean Room
  Yamaha America Musical Instruments Plant (MI, USA)
 Yamaha Motor   Iwata 5th Factory, Marine Technology Wing, etc
 Yamaha Marine   Headquarters Factory and Facilitie Renovation, Business Office Expansion,
  Kuramatsu Factory R&D Center
 Murase Uichi   Nagoya Port Building; Toyoake City Audiotorium
 RIA   Redevelopment (Sogwa, Toyokawa, Joshin, Denma-cho, Kachigawa Matsushin-chik)
  Kariya Industry Promotion Center, Aichi Expo Nagakute Site (New Energy System, Common 4)
 Misuzu Sekkei   Kami-Kochi Visitor Center (Ministry of the Environment)
  Kami-Kochi Information Center (Ministry of the Environment)