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Hosted by PES KENCHIKU KANKYO SEKKEI - We planned and organized the seminars

@@@@Global environmental change has made us realize that the future existence of humans and other living matters is in danger. To understand the situation and to learn from environmental activists in the U.S. how individuals and corporations should react to future environmental problems, we hosted the 1st Global Environmental Seminar in May 1997 prior to the Kyoto Conference. After that, we have organized the 2nd, 3rd and 4th Global Environmental Seminar and other related seminars. @@@@

@The 1st Global Environmental Seminar @May 19, 21 and 23, 1997 (Nagoya/Osaka/Hiroshima)
Dr. Asher Derman
Ms. Pamela Lippe
Mr. Laurence Doxsey
@The 2nd Global Environmental Seminar@@May 26, 27 and 29, 1998 (Nagoya/Osaka/Fukuoka)
Mr. Denis A. Hayes
Ms. Lynn N. SImon
Mr. Robert K. Watson
@The 3rd Global Environmental Seminar@@June 1, 3 and 7, 1999 (Tokyo/Nagoya/Osaka)
Ms. Hillary A. Brown
Mr. Sim Van Der Ryn
@The 4th Global Environmental Seminar@February 5 and 7, 2002 (Tokyo/Nagoya)
Dr. Lawrence W. Speck
Ms. Susan J. Baenett
Mr. Jose'l. Alcala

"The History of the American Environmental Movement"

@Japan Green Building Council Kick-off Seminar@April 6 and 8, 1998 (Tokyo/Nagoya)

Mr. David A Gottfried

"Building Futures"

@Celebration Seminar for the publication in Japanese Translation of "Green Development" February 1 and 3, 2000 (Nagoya/Tokyo)
Dr. Allen Hershkowitz

"Economic Obstacles to Environmental Sustainability"
Mr. William Browning

- The Author of "Green Development"
Mr. William Browning
Mr. Hiroshi Ohki

- Former Minister of the Environment;
- Chairman of the Kyoto Conference in 1997
Mr. Takatoshi Ishiguro

- The Japanese Translator of "Green Development"
- Peesident, PES Global Services
@Memorial Seminar - Toward the 21st Century - <Economy and Environment>@November 30, 2000 (Nagoya)

"Energy in the 21st Century; Opportunities and Constraints"

"Sustainable Materials Selection for the Thoreau Center", "Sustainable Building Program for the City of Los Angeles"

"Green Office at NRDC and LEED Rating System"

"A Shade of Green for
the Big Apple"

"Thoughts on Sacred Landscape and the Geometry of Hope"

"A Broad View of Sustainability: Austin Bergstrom International Airport"

"Building Experience of a Texas Environmentalist"

"PDX: Decade of Development"

@<Aichi World Expo> Memorial Green Seminar@July 14, 2005 (Nagoya)

Dr. Sabine Mitterer

Mr. Aurelio Ramirez-Zarzosa

Mr. Hideyo Totani

"The Viennese Waltz of Ecology and Economy"

"Green Developments in Spain - Case Studies"

"American Houses and Japanese Houses"

Environmental Seminar and International Exchange@March 11, 2007 (Tottori)

Mr. Shi-Ming Guo

"Toward Sustainable Development: Environmental Problems and Urban Development in Inner Mongolia"

"What is Global Environmental Problem? What are the keys to solve it?"

"Implementation of Green Building Policy in Austin,TX"